Fire Mitigation

3 Generations Tree Service can help you with a plan to greatly reduce the fuels that cause a home to not be defended in a fire. Creating a defensible space of the area around your home and the fire fuels that make your property defensible against fire is essential. Having a wide driveway and good turn around spot along with the trees thinned out around your home will increase the chances that fire fighters will fight the fire on your property.

Fuel reduction is the key and 3 Generations Tree Service are experts in the removal of the trees and combustible materials.

Ground Fuels: dead or downed trees, dry needles; ground fuels allow a fire to move along the ground. Heavy ground fuels make for a fast and intense fire.

Ladder Fuels: trees with low branches, small saplings or yearling trees; ladder fuels allow fire to climb into the tree canopy & higher fuels. Heavy ladder fuels make for a rapid climbing fire that can get quickly out of control.

Top Fuels: touching tops of trees; Top fuels allow the fire to jump from tree to tree making fire hard to handle for ground crews. Heavy or thick tops cause for devastating wildfires.

What do you need to do?

  • Zone 1 – Have a wide, cleared driveway of 30 ft. or more.
  • Zone 2 – Easy turn-around area of 100 ft.
  • Zone 3 – Defensible space around the home of 150 ft. or more.

3 Generations Tree Service are experts in tree trimming, tree removal and fire mitigation. With a fully trained and educated ex-forest fire fighter on staff, we can make your home easy for a fire fighter to protect.